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Baden Bandit Slowpitch Bat

Baden Bandit Slowpitch Bat
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Model: L101
Manufacturer: Baden
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Baden Bandit Slowpitch Bat (USSSA)

The Axe™ Handle

  • Sits flush against the bottom hand for a more natural fit that promotes more consistent swings.
  • Increases barrel accuracy, bat speed, comfort, and leverage.
  • Helps reduce hand fatigue and injury risk.
  • Patented

Performance Unibody Design

  • Ultra responsive handle with cushioned, tacky grip
  • Performance load

Exclusive TurboC™ Unibody Composite Technology

  • Tuned to the hottest legal performance allowed! 
  • Massive sweet spot
  • Reinforced to provide maximum performance and longer life
  • Tuned for maximum performance under 1.20 BPF bat performance standards!
  • USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF approved
  • Description for the Baden Sports AXE: L101 Slow Pitch:
    The game of softball will never be the same now that Baden Sports all new fully composite AXE Slow Pitch Softball Bat design has hit the scene. The revolutionary design is exactly what it sounds like. The handle of an AXE bat is designed like the handle of an actual axe to provide optimal control and grip of the bat. The design is unique and helps every hitter align their hands properly on the bat providing maximum feel and comfort. The AXE handle fits flush against the bottom hand, locking it in place while allowing hitters to set their own hand position. The ergonomic shape provides better leverage and better extension while eliminating the negative force generated by the traditional knob during each swing, which provides overall better bat speed. This design promotes a palm up/palm down contact position, leading to a greater consistency of correct swings, while reducing twisting of the bat during the swing. The Force Technology reduces broken bats by aligning best-in-class barrel with contact point...every time. The flush fit helps reduce bruising of the palm and potential injury of the vulnerable hamate bone and promotes a better follow through and smoother release. This bat features a 1.20 BPF and is approved by USSSA, NSA, and ISF. Baden Sports AXE Bats: Don’t Step in the Box Without One. Free Shipping!

    Features of the Baden Sports AXE: L101 Slow Pitch
  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Approved For Play In USSSA, NSA, ISF
  • BPF 1.20
  • Ergonomic Axe Handle
  • Free Shipping to Our Location
  • Full Composite Design
  • Helps Correct Swing and Reduce Twisting of the Bat
  • One-Piece Design
  • Promotes Palm Up/Palm Down Contact Position
  • Reduces Bruising of the Palm and Other Hand Injury
    Baden Sports AXE: L101 Slow Pitch Video:

    Customer Review Summary For Baden Sports AXE: L101 Slow Pitch.

    (2) Product Reviews
    Pros: I played with this bat last weekend at a charity tournament. I started off using a combat but didnt like the feel. A buddy said use this bat. I hit 6 for 6 with 5 homeruns. This bat is amazing. Routine pop ups get out of the park.
    Rating: Date: 2/14/2011 11:57:33 AM   By: Jake                                                       
    Pros: The bat has amazing POP!!!
    Cons: The handle takes a little getting use to but once you get it, the bat ROCKS!!!
    Rating: Date: 9/1/2010 2:45:56 PM   By:                                                        
    Model No: L101 Slow Pitch
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Baden Bandit Slowpitch Bat
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Baden Bandit Slowpitch Bat
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