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RocketTech FP Fastpitch Softball Bat

RocketTech FP Fastpitch Softball Bat
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Model: 2012 FP
Manufacturer: Anderson Bat
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Multi-Wall, All-Metal
Fastpitch Softball Bat
Model Swing Weight Length

RockeTech™ FP -9 Fastpitch Softball Bat

Multi-Wall, External Sleeve
The Power of RockeTech

Designed specifically for the diamond sports enthusiast – and unlike composites that gradually rise to a short-lived maximum potential - our design and use of high-performance materials and components, will deliver superior performance and will maintain a solid feel throughout product life.

Before our PowerArch™ design, there were two basic schools of thought for a multi-wall interface configuration. The first was that bat walls are loosely fit with a space that is filled with a viscous medium so the walls flex consecutively … or one and then (or into) the other. The second was that bat walls would fit snugly, and have constant contact so the walls would flex simultaneously.

Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages. The outside shell/inside sleeve with a space had better overall performance, but was more susceptible to denting. The outside sleeve/inside shell with constant contact was a little more durable, but traded overall performance. Both designs had two separate walls of equal thickness. The trade-off is reasonable because the performance/durability differences were relatively small but certainly measurable.

The Anderson PowerArch™ combined the two schools of thought. By having a series of opposing arches where there is intermittent constant contact and alternating separation between walls, it allows the walls to flex both independently and concurrently. It allows for a differentiation in wall thicknesses that improves the shortcomings of the above design forms.

The RockeTech, by design-necessity, is considered more of an end-loaded bat. It has more end-load and a higher MOI than the TechZilla. It is also more responsive at lower speeds to compensate for the bat speed lost due to the end-load and resulting MOI.

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RocketTech FP Fastpitch Softball Bat
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